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  1. This flavor really surprised me. In a good way! It wasn’t sweet at all and had just the right hint of “Nutty Creme Brule” I have to say that this might be my new favorite!

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Patti’s Place – Nutty Creme Brule

5.00 out of 5
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Type: Flavored

Origin: Brazil

Roast: Medium Roast

Weight: 12 oz

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Irish Cream, vanilla, brown sugar and cream.  Delightful with 0 calories!

We start with the highest quality Brazilian beans roasted to a medium or 420 degrees with a little rest at 350 degrees to let the first crack stage linger a bit.  Even without the added flavors, our coffees are full of flavor!  All of our flavors are natural and are blended with warm beans and then again once the beans are cooled for the more intense flavor.   The flavor oils are made from natural ingredients which ‘may’ include nuts but have no added calories or alcohol.  The flavors oils do not hide the flavor characteristics of the coffee, just enhance them.  Our flavored coffees do not taste sweet unless you add sweet after brewing.

Pattis Place

Welcome to Patti’s Place!

Hi, my name is Patti and I am a happy mad scientist with coffee. I am passionate about testing, combining and finding fresh new flavors, and for inventing new approaches to make your daily cup (or maybe cups) of coffee much more interesting and enjoyable. I start with the highest quality fair trade beans I can find and then roast to perfection.

You see, my original training is actually as a baker, which makes me really well suited to roasting coffee. Like baking, coffee roasting is a precise science, but with plenty of room for creativity. Once the warm beans come out of the roaster, the fun begins. As you will see from my coffees, I am not your traditional coffee roaster. I love blending beans, unique roast profiles, and funky coffee flavors that will knock your socks off.

So, whether you prefer regular or decaf, full city roast or dark roast, flavored or not, my quest is to create your perfect cup of coffee. From first thing in the morning to Sipping Whisky by the Fire. (oh btw, that’s a coffee flavor!)

Once you taste my coffee…you’ll become a Patti’s Place coffee snob, and I’m OK with that!